Thursday, May 28, 2009

And the winner is....

A brand new life! (Well at least a new chapter.)

As I have recently signed the next faze of my life into effect, I am feeling quite excited and trying to let the little irritations of the current life slip away....if only they were little irritations it would be great!

So I have signed the contract to my new job, which will start when I return to the East Coast in the end of summer.. according to my contract, my new title will be the "Assistant Head Teacher" (doesn't that sound fancy?!). Well I will be working at a day care, and learning facility working with babies and toddlers, but mostly helping out with the 2's. It will be a very refreshing improvement.

Over the weekend I signed the deposit info and credit check forms to hold my apartment until I am ready to move in. By the way, I chose the first one that I went to see... the one that is getting the counter-tops upgraded to Granite, and with a full bath inside my studio. The main living space is also much larger (18'x10'9").... and it has a breakfast bar, so there is no need for dining furniture! What more could I ask for of a cozy little place all my own :)

I also planned my drive across the country with my favorite Bora Bora. We are planning on driving my new car (yet to be purchased, and who knows what it will be yet) from Seattle to Boston (all on I-90... a strange fascination of Laura's) and then down to my fabulous new place in CT. We decided to stop every other night and camp and every other night get hotels. So we will be hotel-ing in Chicago and Boston, and camping in Gillette, Wyoming (or somewhere near there), and near Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side..we heard it was better), we are also hoping to beg some free dinner or gas off my uncle in Butte, Montana (if I can manage to get a hold of him). All in all it should be a great trip!

So it looks like the next chapter is set to start in:
65 days when I move into the new place
79 days when I have my last day with the Littles
89 days when I begin my Journey across the country
96 days when I start my new job

Wow! That was a lot of counting!

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Channon said...

Exciting! And I am soooo glad you opted for the unit with the bathroom within. You won't regret it.