Monday, August 11, 2008


Laura came for her visit June 19th through the 23rd. While she was here we spent most of our time just hanging around CT. We did head down to nyc for a day to shop a little and explore the wonder that is China town. The thing that I love most about China Town is all of the little 'secret rooms' (or secret vans on the side of the street if you're extra special like Laura and I..don't worry we made it out ok), they are all filled with knock offs of great handbags! Coach, Gucci, Prada... you name it-they've got it, and it can be yours for around $25, depending on size and quality. of course they'd all have you paying $50 but most of us love the game of bartering for your bags, and you end up getting some real steals!

Other than New York and China Town, we went up to try going to Six Flags which is right across the border into Massachusetts. But of course with our luck, by the time we got up there, there was thunder and lightening and bc a great sum of their rides have metal framework or are water rides, they were pretty much shut down. We found something wonderful to replace it with though! couples massage! We were going to go in for just the standard opening but of course for the time slot they had open there was only a couples massage available, so we did it. It was very relaxing!

For the rest of Laura's stay here, we spent some time with the Little's at the beach, we went to some of the local malls to shop, and we just hung out. All in all it was a relaxing and fun weekend!

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gaylen said...

I see you finally got photos out of your phone - our made it to the drugstore to get them off your camera. Have you checked on the warranty of that yet? g