Monday, July 21, 2008

:( Munchkin Monday

So guess what little dan decided to do today?!  He went to the bathroom and then came out and I said "did you go potty?"
"did you flush?"
  So I went to go in with him and he said "Krystle, look!  Your phone!" all excitedly and was pointing into the toilet... and sure enough there was my phone in his pee in the toilet!  What was I to do but reach in grab it out and said "no tyler! What did you do"
"I just dropped it in!" (said with his little cute 'I did nothing smirk, that was definitely not cute at that moment)
 So I said "no" again
"oh, thats not good?"
"no thats not my phone is broken"
"oh, I'm sorry krystle"

So now my phone is sitting on the counter and I have taken all the pieces out (battery etc.) and I'm really hoping that it will dry out bc the last thing I need right now is for my phone to be added to the list of dead things that I own!  


(and yes, I washed my hands)

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VeeDogKnitter said...

Awww, good for you for not flushing his cute little head down the toi toi. You ARE a good nanny!