Thursday, July 5, 2012

Today is as good as any...

To get back to my personal blogging that is!

While I was away I...

Started an Interior Design-centric blog!

Graduated! (They let me walk, although I have one class to finish in the fall.)

Things with P are going really well.. He and I moved in together.

I got a little promotion at work.. I know, how can you be promoted from Nanny... well now I am their personal/executive assistant, and their nanny!
This promotion just started on Monday, but it is going very well thus far. I find I am exhausted by the time I am heading out the door at the end of the day, but I am leaving exhausted with a smile!

P and I made our first really large purchase! (Well we decided we were going to make it anyway.) We picked out a sofa! To see the details on that you can check out the design blog.
Anyhow, this new sofa thing began with trying to move an old pull out couch up from P's parents house when we moved in together. They decided that instead of giving us a run-down old sofa, they would let us pick out our own, and they would pitch in for it. So we went through the motions and picked one out... and then upon paying for their portion, they informed us they would be gifting us the entire cost! How lucky are we?! So thankful for that!

The sofa was delivered this past Friday, and thus P's parents are coming up this weekend to stay with us so we can test out the pull out function of the couch! It should be a very fun weekend! Saturday morning, P & I have a massage scheduled, and following that, we will meet up with his parents and then we will head down to the beach for an afternoon. I am going to make guacamole, and we will bring cucumber & carrot sticks, chips, and plenty of water, and relax by the shore all afternoon!

Then we are heading back home to use P's birthday Grill to make some delicious ribs!

Sunday is un-planned, and for that reason, it should also be fun... maybe we will walk down to the local farmers market or something....

Then it will be back to work on Monday! Anything fun in the works for your weekend?

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SissySees said...

Congrats on all of it!! You also dyed some super-awesome yarn... ;)