Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey, Good Lookin..

Whatcha got cookin?

The other night for dinner I made this awesome Tortellini with Pesto dish. I am a fan of making multiple dinners out of one main ingredient, so that I get more bang for my buck. So this weeks main ingredient is a rotisserie chicken.

For this dish I took some of the chicken and grilled it in a frying pan with some halved grape tomatoes, and pine nuts, while boiling water for the tortellini in another pot. I also decided to make homemade pesto, now I've never done it before, but it always looks so easy on the Food Network. So I tossed some basil in the blender with one clove of garlic, a palmful of pine nuts, and enough oil to keep it all moving. I used a drizzle of olive oil for flavor, and then just vegetable oil. It turned out really deliciously if I do say so myself, and it was just about as easy as it looks!

So after everything in the frying pan becomes hot, and the tortellini is cooked and drained, combine it all together in the one pot and toss it together with the pesto until it is all spread around. It is very delicious, and makes a lot of food. There are plenty of leftovers that are good right out of the fridge, or reheated.


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Channon said...

You had me at pesto...